Post covid injection protocol:



From Karen Bosman:
Glutathione, found naturally in watercress
and similar greens flushes graphene oxide
and other heavy metals and toxins from the body



“They have been working on counter measures
to combat the side effects, & the devastation of the vaccine. 

Trump & his team all over the world…have come up with
something that hasn't been told about yet, 

but will be, I believe, in the next week or 2, & expect
to hear from Trump, coming out to explain the entire situation,
because at the end of the day, Trump was lied to”
— Mel K, 7-9-21

quote @ 4:00




Donald Trump said,
“We are only going to let them do,
what we know we can reverse.”

— Mike L, Big Pharma insider
on the Mel K Show, 9-30-21