Quercetin, Ivermectin, HCQ,
Vit. D, vit. C
— Judy Mikovits

prophylactic, adjective
1: guarding from, or preventing the spread
or occurrence of disease or infection


Q: What to do if you are vaccinated
but have no symptoms?

A: Dr. Sherry Tenpenny
Start with taking Nattokinase
daily for the rest of your life.
Find ways to minimize -
prevent blood clots
12-2023 @busydrt


COVID-19 Treatment - Dr. Pierre Kory


“They have been working on
counter measures to combat
the side effects, & the devastation
of the vaccine. 

Trump & his team all over the world…
have come up with something
that hasn't been told about yet”
— Mel K,
Quote @ 4:00, 7-19-2021



From Karen Bosman:
Glutathione, found naturally in watercress
& similar greens flushes graphene oxide
& other heavy metals & toxins from the body