How I Raised Myself
From Failure To Success

In Selling
— Frank Bettger (Bet•cher) 1888–1981

“The most helpful and inspiring
book on salesmanship I have
ever read.” — Dale Carnegie

The single biggest factor in
selling / business success.

Minor league baseball manager
fired young Bettger because of his
lethargic style of play
and told him,
“Wherever you go from here, put
some life and enthusiasm into
your work

Frank made up his mind to establish
the reputation of being the most
enthusiastic ballplayer they’d ever
seen on his new minor league team.

He played like a man electrified.

In just 10 days he got a 700% raise:
$25–$185 a mo. He got the raise
not because he learned to throw
the ball better, or catch or hit better.
It was his new enthusiastic attitude
that made all the difference.

Two years later he was making $750
a month as a 3rd baseman for the
St. Louis Cardinals.

Enthusiasm will work in business
... just like it will in baseball.